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A comprehensive guide to the San Clemente Real Estate and San Clemente Homes here in San Clemente, California.  Our San Clemente Real Estate agents know brand new San Clemente Homes for sale and can help you find the perfect San Clemente Home!

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The San Clemente community called "Portofino" in the Talega community is named after the street "Calle Portofino" which is one of the main streets in the community.  Portofino homes are known for their Traditional and Mediterranean flare with large two story homes typically located on very large lots.  Home prices currently range from $575,000 to $699,000 with both homes being listed as short sale homes.  A good majority of single family homes under the $700,000 range are listed as short sales so It's important you educate yourself on the process.  Theses prices are great deals considering the Portofino community saw a sale in June of this year for $805,000!  As with other communities in Talega, home ownership in the Portofino neighborhood qualifies you

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Finding Bank Owned Homes In Talega has been a source of "good deals" for the past several years as many banks have been very agressive with the pricing of their foreclosure homes.  Single Family home prices have come down in the Talega area where you can buy a nice two story detached home for around $500,000.  One of the nicer communities in Talega to find a home in this price range is the Farralon Ridge community.  Located on the outside perimeter of the Talega area is the Farralon Ridge community with homes built in 2001 & 2002 when Talega was first being developed.  Here you will find a nice mixture of Craftsman, Traditional, Mediterranean and Spanish style two story homes.  Home prices have come down to the mid $500,000 range for homes listed as

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If you are a San Clemente home buyer in the $500,000 range then you have several options to choose from.  You can consider the downtown area of San Clemente that's close to the beach and find a small two bedroom homes that will most likely be built in the early 1920's - 1960's.  If your taste is more of a newer construction home with three large bedrooms and two story Spanish style living then looking in several Talega communities may be better suite for you.  Since there are more than 40 communities to choose from in the Talega area knowing which community is best for you can be difficult.  One of the unique neighborhoods in Talega is the Escala community.  Here you will find three bedroom homes that have come down in price and currently start at…

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If you are in the market to buy a town home in the San Clemente area then the condos located in the Carmel Community in Talega may suited for you.  Currently there are three town homes offered for sale with one listed for $450,000 as a Talega short sale which is a tremendous value considering most condos in Talega start at the $300,000 price point.  Carmel was one of the first communities built when the Talega area was first developed in 2000.  Select Carmel condos panoramic golf course views off the 2nd fairway of the Talega Golf Course.  If you are looking for a Talega golf course home then Carmel should be the first place to start your search.  The community offers an association pool and spa and you are just minutes to the Talega Swim & Athletic Club,

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If you are in the market to buy a single family home in San Clemente and looking under $600,000 you are not alone.  A large majority of San Clemente buyers are looking to find the largest home for the least amount of money.  If you are set on finding a single family home under $600,000 then we recommend the Caprizi Talega community in San Clemente, California.  Caprizi single family homes will range from three to four bedrooms and offer two story Mediterranean and Spanish style homes.  The homes were well designed when they originally started construction in 2005.  The homes come equipped with a two car garage with an open floorplan that includes the kitchen space with the living and dining rooms.  When looking in Caprizi, make sure to see any former

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If you are familiar with the San Clemente Central Area then you may have driven by "Sea Cliffs," a historic ocean front property located just south of the San Clemente Pier.  Built in 1927, this historic landmark is actually considered a triplex, with three individual units.  The home is one of the original oceanfront homes built here in San Clemente with similar type views that you would see a the historic "Casa Romantica" here in San Clemente, California.  If you love historic structures and want an ocean front estate this may be the perfect estate property for you.  The property is currently being offered for sale for $6,200 and buyers are asked to check the city of San Clemente for potential uses.  If you are in the market to buy a residential income

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One of the best places to buy approved short sales in San Clemente for under $300,000 is in the Alassio tract in the Talega community.  What is an approved short sale?  An approved short sale is where the owner has decided to do a short sale with the bank and has formally sent in the short sale package along with an accepted offer.  The bank has already approved the short sale that contains the seller's financial statement and they have agreed to sell the home at a designated price.  What typically happens when you see an "Approved Short Sale" being advertised is when an offer has been sent in, the bank approves the offer and then the buyer backs out for whatever reason.  Since the bank has already accepted a price then the property is marketed as an

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If you have always wanted to live by the beach then you will be surprised to learn that you can live in a beach community in Southern California for under $1,500,000.  The Breakers community in San Clemente, California is a luxury gated community shared with three other luxury communities:  Cotton Point Estates, Cyprus Shore and Cyprus Cove.  The Breakers is the least expensive community of the four and still offers the same great amenities of a private beach, large community swimming pool and tennis courts and the security of living behind a 24 hour guard gated community!  There is currently one home listed for sale in the Breakers for $1,499,000 and offers all the great features listed above.  If you are looking for one of the best communities in

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Finding Talega Gated Community Homes For Sale Under $700,000 has become much easier with the recent change to the San Clemente housing market.  Several years ago it was almost impossible to find a large Talega home located in a gated community for under $700,000.  Times have changed and Talega home buyers have the perfect opportunity to buy quality two story Spanish homes for $700,000 or less.  A good example of this is a home located in Vittoria gated community in Talega listed for $700,000.  This 5 bedroom, 3 bath home is ideally located in the gated community of Vittoria & Catania here in Talega.  If you looking in this price range in Talega it's smart to educate yourself on the short sale process.  Most of the homes in this price range in Talega are

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San Clemente Real Estate Agent Sam Smith has JUST SOLD and Closed Escrow on 618 Calle Campana, San Clemente, CA 92672 for $618,000.  618 Calle Campana was a four-plex located in the north side of San Clemente near the gated community of Sea Pointe Estates.  The four units had been owned by an individual who was unable to pay the monthly mortgage payments for this income property.  As a result, he tried loan modifications with no resolve.  He then turned to Sam Smith to short sale his San Clemente property.  The property was listed and multiple offers were received on the property.  Various stages of negotiations took place with the bank withe the final result of the short sale being approved.  If you are in the same situation as this owner, and are unable

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Cyprus Cove San Clemente is one of the best kept secrets in San Clemente.  A gated community that is often out shinned by it's too neighboring oceanfront gated communities consisting of Cotton Point Estates and Cyprus Shore.  Cyprus Cove is a beachfront community that offers direct access to a private beach, community pool and tennis and the security of a 24 guard gated entrance.  If you have always wanted to live near the beach and live the ability to walk down to the beach in just minutes then Cyprus Cove may be the right community for you.  A Cyprus Cove listing has just had a recent $100,000 price reduction and homes can be found in the $1,200,000, $1,488,000 and $1,680,000 price ranges.  A lot of buyers don't realize how affordable it has become to

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If you are visiting the Southern California area and are looking to see the different oceanfront communities in Orange County we reccommend the Cyprus Shore area.  If you are not familiar with San Clemente then you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that a luxury beachfront gated community exists that boasts some of the best luxury homes at prices half of what you can find in the neighboring beach communities in Orange County.  Cyprus Shore provide residents with luxury living with a private beach, association pool & tennis and some of the best surf breaks in all of California!  Trestles & Cottons Point surf break is right in your backyard and a quick tunnel takes you right to the beach from your home.  Home prices start around $2 million dollars and

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Summer is always a busy time as everyone seems to be on vacation here in Southern California.  One of the most common questions that we get from visitors is where the most expensive gated community is located here in San Clemente, California?  To answer that you need to know a little history about San Clemente.  San Clemente is probably best known for the Nixon White House.  President Nixon would spend his vacation time here in San Clemente, California in an area known as Cotton's Point or now officially known as Cotton Point Estates.  Here housed his "Spanish Mansion" that overlooked the ocean on the very southwest part of town.  The estate was sold several decades ago and the land the occupied the estate was divided up and now is home to 14 luxury

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San Clemente Real Estate Agent Sam Smith has just sold a San Clemente home located in the Amalfi tract in Talega.  11 Via Zamora was listed as a distressed sale where the owners requested for an approval on a their short sale listing.  The Sam Smith team negotiated with the bank and got the bank to agree to sell the home for $400,000 less than what they bought for at the height of the real estate market in 2007.  A Short Sale is a great way to get from underneath an upside down mortgage if you can show adequate hardship to the bank.  For a free consultation to see if you qualify to short sale your mortgage please contact the Sam Smith team at 949-291-0424.  We specialize in Talega short sales and have a solid track record for getting short sales approved

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Many of our buyers are looking for golf course view real estate here in San Clemente, California.  Some of the best golf course view homes can be found in the Talega area where you will find luxury homes set against a championship golf course!  A newly listed golf course view home has just come on the market in the Carmel neighborhood in San Clemente and listed for $640,000.  Talega golf course view condos typically start in the low $400,000 range if you can find one as inventory of these homes is really low right now.  If you are looking for a single family home with golf course views then be prepared to spend at least $550,000 for 3 bedroom home that is over 2,000 square feet in the Amalfi community.  Of course, if your budget allows, you will find many

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A San Clemente Ocean View property has just been listed by local San Clemente Real Estate agent, Sam Smith.  1635 Calle Las Bolas is an ocean view two unit home that is located literally steps away from the ocean!  The home features three bedrooms, two baths and two view decks for the penthouse unit with upgraded kitchen, large living room with wood beam ceilings.  The lower level unit features two bedrooms and two baths with a large view deck as well.  All decks are very large with patio furniture and plenty of space to entertain and take in the views.  If you love the beach then this location can not be beat.  Walk out your door and the beach is close enough to almost be in your backyard!  If you would like additional information on this San Clemente

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A San Clemente Short Sale Home located at 609 E Avenida San Juan closed escrow today and sold by local San Clemente Short Sale agent, Sam Smith.  609 E Avenida San Juan is an ocean view three bedroom home with stunning ocean views from this hillside Southeast San Clemente location.  The property was listed as a short sale where multiple offers were received on the property.  A lot of home buyers are looking for "deals" in the local San Clemente marketplace and this property fits that criteria.  The property sold for $609,000 which is a great price for a 3 bedroom ocean view home here in San Clemente, California.  If you are in the market to buy a home and can be patient through the short sale process, which can take anywhere from 2-6 months, then buying a

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Real Estate in San Clemente is all about location, location, location.  One of the unique things about San Clemente is the historic homes there were built in the early 1920's that give San Clemente, CA the rich history that many have come to love.  A unique property is now being offer for sale for $4,975,000.  Three Historic Homes on one large ocean view lot have come on the market making this one of the most expensive historic property to come on the market in years.  One visit and you understand why.  The property has been used in recent years for special events and weddings due to it's large lot and open spaces.  It's ideal for use as a vacation rental or those looking to buy a home with guest houses for extended family members.  If you are looking for

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It seems like more and more families are living together longer and the need for a guest house or extra room becomes an important part of your real estate home search.  If you enjoy the gentle climate of San Clemente and your budget allows then you will be pleased to learn of a newly listed large estate home on over a 1 acre parcel of land that includes 1,250 square foot guest house has come on the market in San Clemente, California for $2,700,000.  Finding a quality of home with plenty of land has become a lot harder today with many of the homes being built very close to each other.  If you are in the market to buy a luxury home here in San Clemente you should consider the Marblehead area for large custom homes.  Typically, properties with lots of land…

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The San Clemente Real Estate market has really had a lot of changes in the last couple of years.  With the number of foreclosures coming on market decreasing the inventory of homes has also decreased altogether.  With this shortage of homes on the market, finding a good quality home has become more difficult.  Finding a home in the Southwest San Clemente area for under $600,000 can be a challenge but a recent price reduction of a Southwest San Clemente home that has currently dropped down to $599,000.  If you are looking for a small beach home that is close to the beach then this would be a great place to start.  The Southwest San Clemente area features small to large beach homes located 2-3 blocks to the beach.  For more information on this San Clemente