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Talega Short Sale Agent Sam Smith has just got bank approval on a Talega Short Sale listing located at 11 Via Zamora in the Amalfi community in Talega which featured great golf course and valley views.  The home was listed for sale on 3/31 for $549,000 and received a total of 7 offers on the property, some of them well above asking price.  The highest offer was then submitted to the bank and full short sale approval was confirmed within less than 2 months!  If you have been thinking about doing a short sale of your San Clemente home then please contact the Sam Smith Team, a name you can trust.  We specialize in San Clemente Short Sales and have a strong track record of getting short sales approved and sold.  Please contact us today at 949-291-0424 to

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A Southwest San Clemente Home has just been sold by Sam Smith, a top San Clemente Real Estate agent here in San Clemente, California.  The home located at 228 W Avenida San Antonio was located in the desirable 200 block of SW San Clemente that backed to the natural canyon area that goes down to the beach and sold for $740,000.  The property was listed and sold by Sam Smith before it went on the market.  The home featured two bedroom & two baths with vaulted ceilings and large backyard.  It also featured a large kitchen and laundry area and located at the very end of the 200 block on W Avenida San Antonio. 

If you are thinking about buying a home in the San Clemente area then we highly recommend the San Clemente Southwest area.  The area has many custom

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We handle a lot of short sales and have been seeing a recent trend called "fishing."  Let me explain how this works and how banks are using this to get more money out of their short sales.  Let's say we have a home that is put on the market for $500,000 and an offer is received for the same amount of $500,000.  A short sale packet is sent to the bank which consists of the signed offer from the seller, the seller's hardship letter, last two months worth of bank statements and last two years of tax returns.  The bank then does their internal review of the property.  First, they order a BPO, or better known as an appraisal.  This appraisal is done for the banks purpose only to see what they think is market value of the home.   Once complete, the bank will

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A San Clemente short sale listing at 609 E Avenida San Juan in the southeast San Clemente area of San Clemente, California just got bank approval from the 1st trust deed holder.  The short sale was successfully negotiated by local San Clemente Short Sale agent, Sam Smith who submitted an offer to bank for short sale approval.  The property has a total of three loans on the property so approvals are being secured from both bank this weeks.  Typically in a short sale you work on getting approval from the first mortgage holder in the 1st position and then work on junior loans.   Junior liens will typically just get a fraction of what is owed in a short sale but is better than the alternative of a foreclosure where the 2nd & 3rd trust deed holders get wiped

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San Clemente Short Sale Agent Sam Smith has put another short sale listing In-Escrow here in San Clemente, California.  618 Calle Campana is a four unit building where the owner currently owes more than what the property is worth.  Due to financial inability to pay the monthly mortgage and financial hardship the owner has decided to sell the home as a short sale.  Sam Smith marketed the home which generated multiple offers which one was successfully accepted today.  Sam specializes in short sale properties and has an abundant knowledge of the short sale process.  If you have been thinking about doing a short sale and/or your property is in threat of going into foreclosure please contact Sam Smith today.  There is no cost to the consumer for an agent to

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We are starting to see some really great deals in the San Clemente North area of San Clemente, California.  The San Clemente north area covers a large area but the homes located in the west side of Pacific Coast Highway just north of Avenida Del Mar street are seeing great home prices in the last couple of months.  We recently sold a two bedroom two bath single family home just two blocks to the beach for $355,000.  The home was listed as a short sale so the final price and terms is still to be determined by the bank.  If you are looking for "deals" in today's San Clemente Real Estate market then I would start looking on the north side of San Clemente.  For more information on single family homes in the low $400,000 range please contact us today.  We can…