San Onofre Closure To Effect Local Real Estate

Posted by Sam Smith on Friday, June 28th, 2013 at 9:39am.

The San Onofre closure will soon have a ripple effect in the San Clemente real estate market as 600 workers just received their layoff notices. A combined total of 1,100 workers will soon be out of a job in months to come. Many of the workers live in San Clemente since the beach town is the closest city to the plant. It's terrible that so many workers are being displaced with no replaceable work to be found.

How much an impact to the local real estate market in San Clemente is not yet measured but will definitely cause families to make some tough decisions. Up until now their has been a shortage of homes for sale with some of the lowest inventory in years. Now with the plant closing down we expect families to relocate to the other areas were work can be found. This could mean an increase of homes coming up for sale and a higher demand for rental homes in the San Clemente area. Currently there are 222 active homes for sale and 95 active homes for rent in San Clemente. We will be watching these numbers in the months to come to see if an increase will occur.

For those who have lost their jobs we are extending our services at a discounted rate. Please call us at 949-291-0424 and let us know you are among those who have lost their job and we will help you.

Southern California Edison will be assisting workers have lost their jobs and hold a job fair and other similar acts to help them find jobs. Our hearts go out to all of the men and woman who have got their notice. It's a terrible time to be out of work as the economy is slowly starting to rebound.

Image of San Onofre Near San Clemente, California

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