San Clemente Homes Provide Excellent Tax Shelter For Real Estate Investors

Posted by Sam Smith on Thursday, January 19th, 2012 at 6:56pm.

If you are looking for tax shelters in today's economy many are turning away from the stock market and heading towards the real estate arena. With record low prices and rock bottom interest rates buying homes has never been cheaper. This is especially true for real estate investors that are buying homes with interest rates in the 4% range! This is something I thought I would never see happen. Buyers are now realizing that their monthly mortgage payment may be less then the amount of rent they can bring in on lower end properties. This can be achieved with putting as little as 20% down for homes under $300,000. We have several clients looking to buy multiple properties in this price range due to the affordability factor and monthly cash flow they will receive. This is true for the San Clemente Real Estate market and select markets throughout the country. I know similar type of properties are being sold in other markets where buyers are able to make a nice monthly income on many of the bank owned and short sale properties that are now available in that market. If you are a real estate investor now is the time to act! We will be more than happy to show you properties that pencil out and will give you nice returns and provide excellent tax shelters for you.

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