San Clemente Condos in Vista Pacifica | Lowest Priced Condo in San Clemente - $139,000!

Posted by Sam Smith on Friday, July 30th, 2010 at 1:05pm.

What a difference a couple years makes!  We have been seeing condo prices here in San Clemente come down in the recent years but the prices have recently leveled out and actually start to come up a little.  With that being said, the lowest price condo in San Clemente now starts at $139,000 for a one bedroom condo in the Vista Pacifica community in Rancho San Clemente area of San Clemente!  I was suprised to see over 14 properties currently for sale for under $200,000 in Vista Pacifica.  If you are thinking of buying an entry level condo or looking for a real estate investment property, Vista Pacifica condos are a good investment.  These 1 bedroom condos rent for around $1,300/month and the 2 bedrooms units rent for around $1,500 while they ocean view units will command a premium on top of these numbers of an additional $100 - $200 dollars.  For more information on the San Clemente Real Estate marketplace please contact us today at 949-291-0424.


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