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A San Clemente short sale listing has just been sold by San Clemente short sale agent Sam Smith who represented the buyers.  The short sale was located in the Ocean Hills community and featured 3 bedrooms with an ocean view for the incredible price of $315,000!  The Ocean Hills community is located next to Sea Pointe Estates gated community on the north side of town which is located across the street from Trader Joe's and the Ralph's Shopping center.  The community has several community pools and a small golf course to practice your golfing.  Short sales have become the very best way to buy distressed properties at low prices.  This short sale did take approximately 3 months to get short sale approval but the end result was a great deal for Sam's buyers

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Finding a home in today's market can be tough when faced with the record low inventory of homes in the San Clemente Real Estate market.  One of the best deals in the current marketplace are "short sales" as bank owned and foreclosures properties have almost disappeared from our market.  Short Sales are considered distressed sales but have many significant differences than a foreclosure property.  The main difference is time.  If are willing to be patient and have time to wait for a bank to make a decision on a short sale then they may be the perfect vehicle for you in finding your dream home. 

A new short sale listing has come on the market in the "Reserve South" community in San Clemente.  For those not familiar with San Clemente, the "Reserves" is a

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A San Clemente Short Sale has just been sold by San Clemente Short Sale agent Sam Smith of Beach Cities Real Estate where he represented both the buyer and the seller in this real estate transaction. 124 Avenida Santa Margarita a traditional short sale where the owners owed more to the bank and were no longer able to afford the monthly bank mortgage payments. The property featured two large bedrooms and two additional non-permitted rooms located in the back part of the house. The location was ideal as the beach was just several blocks away. The home back to Camp Pendleton and located in the Southeast area of San Clemente. The home was negotiated successfully and sold for $400,000. Sam Smith specializes in helping sellers short sell their homes and offers

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The Talega area is rich in short sale deals and the Terra Linda community is no exception. Terra Linda is a great place to find large two story Spanish and Mediterranean style homes in the low $600,000 range. When it comes to short sales it helps to have an approved price from the bank. Often times real estate agents will advertise their listing as "Approved Short Sale." Basically, this means that they had a previous offer that was submitted to the bank at a certain price. The bank reviewed both the offer and seller's hardship and approved the buyers offering price. This is what we call an "Approved Short Sale." The reality is that short sales take a long time from start to finish and approval's can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to 6 months.

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A San Clemente Short Sale listing has gone in-escrow by San Clemente Short Sale agent Sam Smith who represents the seller in this real estate transaction. 124 Avenida Santa Margarita is a four bedroom located in the Trestles area of San Clemente is currently listed for $480,000. The homes in the area have great ocean and golf course views and within walking distance to the luxury gated communities of Cyprus Shore, Cyprus Cove & Cotton's Point near the Famous Trestles surf break! The bank gave written approval on the home today and escrow is scheduled to close before the end of the year. If you are looking for to sell your San Clemente home and owe more than the home is worth then a short sale is a great way to go. Not all applicants will qualify for a

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San Clemente Short Sale agent Sam Smith has just listed a new San Clemente Short Sale in San Clemente, California. 103 Via Presa, San Clemente CA, is a short sale listing located in the Vilamoura community with an association pool and spa area over looking the pacific ocean. The home features three bedrooms and two baths with a good size backyard. These town homes due share one common wall with the adjoining town home and it's just a short distance to the beach and downtown San Clemente. The short sale is subject to the bank's approval of price and terms. If you have been thinking about buying a home in the San Clemente area then short sales are a good place to start. For more information on San Clemente Short Sale Homes For Sale please contact Sam

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If you have been to San Clemente, California then you know the natural beauty of the ocean and small beach town flare.  A consistent temperature of a cool 72 degrees year around brings many to the small beach town of San Clemente.  For those looking to retire in Southern California there is no better place then San Clemente.  Located ideally between Los Angeles and San Diego sits a beach town that is known for it's low key attitude and a great sense of community.  If you are looking to retire to San Clemente then you will have many choices when it comes to housing.  For those looking to live in a 55+ senior community we highly recommend the luxury homes located in the Talega Gallery in Talega.  Talega is a new addition to San Clemente so you will find

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Short Sales are a fact of today's economy as many homeowners are choosing to sell their home as a short pay to the bank instead of letting the home go into foreclosure.  Talega homes have come down dramatically in price since the height of the market in 2007.  Homes are nearly 50% off which has caused many Talega homeowners to owe more than their home is worth.  Due to this fact you see many Talega short sales on the market.  If you are in the market to buy a home in the $500,000 range then Talega offers many communities to find nice two story homes.  One of the key things to look for is "approved short sales."  Short Sales can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months if the seller is just starting the short sale process. Finding an approved short sale will

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If you have been looking for a home that caters to those 55 years old and older then the Talega Gallery is a great option.  Located in the Talega area of San Clemente, California, Seagarden Talega homes offer affordable living in a very upscale area in Talega.  The Talega gallery is a gated community features our different communities that share the same association amenities that include a community pool, spa and recreation center.  The four communities consist of the Seagarden, Wavecrest, Sandbridge and Waterfleaf community.  The Seagarden homes are actually condos that are attached on one side with your neighbors, similar to a duplex.  Each side is individually owned and most condos come with a two car garage, front and back yards and well designed

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If you have been making offers on homes in the San Clemente area then you will have most likely ran across a short sale listing.  Short sales can be really great if you are the only buyer and can get your offer accepted by the seller and then sent to the bank for review.  Like most short sales you are competing with other short sales buyers and only one offer can be accepted by the bank.  Even then, there are no guarantee that the seller will approved the seller's financial's and the price of the short sale.  Finding approved short sales will save you a lot of time and money since the property has already been approved by the bank and the price is disclosed on what the bank is willing to short sell the home for.  While searching for approved short sales

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There are many great communities in Talega to choose from, in fact there are over 40+ communities to view homes for sale.  If you have a budget of $400,000 or less then viewing townhomes in Talega is your best bet.  Within the Talega area you will find three different communities where buying a townhome under $400,000 is a reality including Alassio & Santalana neighborhood homes.  The Santalana tract in Talega is one of the best when looking for a well thought out floor plan with modern amenities like granite countertops and crown molding.  The Santalana community is located in the heart of Talega and walking distance to the local Talega center and golf course.  You will find many restaurants and shopping located nearby and just minutes to the North Beach

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One of the best places to buy approved short sales in San Clemente for under $300,000 is in the Alassio tract in the Talega community.  What is an approved short sale?  An approved short sale is where the owner has decided to do a short sale with the bank and has formally sent in the short sale package along with an accepted offer.  The bank has already approved the short sale that contains the seller's financial statement and they have agreed to sell the home at a designated price.  What typically happens when you see an "Approved Short Sale" being advertised is when an offer has been sent in, the bank approves the offer and then the buyer backs out for whatever reason.  Since the bank has already accepted a price then the property is marketed as an

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San Clemente Real Estate Agent Sam Smith has JUST SOLD and Closed Escrow on 618 Calle Campana, San Clemente, CA 92672 for $618,000.  618 Calle Campana was a four-plex located in the north side of San Clemente near the gated community of Sea Pointe Estates.  The four units had been owned by an individual who was unable to pay the monthly mortgage payments for this income property.  As a result, he tried loan modifications with no resolve.  He then turned to Sam Smith to short sale his San Clemente property.  The property was listed and multiple offers were received on the property.  Various stages of negotiations took place with the bank withe the final result of the short sale being approved.  If you are in the same situation as this owner, and are unable

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A San Clemente Short Sale Home located at 609 E Avenida San Juan closed escrow today and sold by local San Clemente Short Sale agent, Sam Smith.  609 E Avenida San Juan is an ocean view three bedroom home with stunning ocean views from this hillside Southeast San Clemente location.  The property was listed as a short sale where multiple offers were received on the property.  A lot of home buyers are looking for "deals" in the local San Clemente marketplace and this property fits that criteria.  The property sold for $609,000 which is a great price for a 3 bedroom ocean view home here in San Clemente, California.  If you are in the market to buy a home and can be patient through the short sale process, which can take anywhere from 2-6 months, then buying a

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We handle a lot of short sales and have been seeing a recent trend called "fishing."  Let me explain how this works and how banks are using this to get more money out of their short sales.  Let's say we have a home that is put on the market for $500,000 and an offer is received for the same amount of $500,000.  A short sale packet is sent to the bank which consists of the signed offer from the seller, the seller's hardship letter, last two months worth of bank statements and last two years of tax returns.  The bank then does their internal review of the property.  First, they order a BPO, or better known as an appraisal.  This appraisal is done for the banks purpose only to see what they think is market value of the home.   Once complete, the bank will

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A San Clemente short sale listing at 609 E Avenida San Juan in the southeast San Clemente area of San Clemente, California just got bank approval from the 1st trust deed holder.  The short sale was successfully negotiated by local San Clemente Short Sale agent, Sam Smith who submitted an offer to bank for short sale approval.  The property has a total of three loans on the property so approvals are being secured from both bank this weeks.  Typically in a short sale you work on getting approval from the first mortgage holder in the 1st position and then work on junior loans.   Junior liens will typically just get a fraction of what is owed in a short sale but is better than the alternative of a foreclosure where the 2nd & 3rd trust deed holders get wiped

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San Clemente Short Sale Agent Sam Smith has put another short sale listing In-Escrow here in San Clemente, California.  618 Calle Campana is a four unit building where the owner currently owes more than what the property is worth.  Due to financial inability to pay the monthly mortgage and financial hardship the owner has decided to sell the home as a short sale.  Sam Smith marketed the home which generated multiple offers which one was successfully accepted today.  Sam specializes in short sale properties and has an abundant knowledge of the short sale process.  If you have been thinking about doing a short sale and/or your property is in threat of going into foreclosure please contact Sam Smith today.  There is no cost to the consumer for an agent to

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We are starting to see some really great deals in the San Clemente North area of San Clemente, California.  The San Clemente north area covers a large area but the homes located in the west side of Pacific Coast Highway just north of Avenida Del Mar street are seeing great home prices in the last couple of months.  We recently sold a two bedroom two bath single family home just two blocks to the beach for $355,000.  The home was listed as a short sale so the final price and terms is still to be determined by the bank.  If you are looking for "deals" in today's San Clemente Real Estate market then I would start looking on the north side of San Clemente.  For more information on single family homes in the low $400,000 range please contact us today.  We can…

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A San Clemente Short Sale home has just been put in escrow by Sam Smith, a local San Clemente Real Estate agent.  The home is located on the north side of San Clemente and featured two bedrooms and two baths and listed for $359,900 where Sam represented the buyers in this real estate transaction.  If you have been thinking about buying a home here in San Clemente then a short sale property is one of the best ways to find a "good deal" in today's marketplace.  A short sale provides excellent opportunity to find a home that is priced slightly under market value as long as you are willing to wait.  Short Sales can take anywhere from a quick one month period to as long as six to eight months depending on the banks involved and the level of expertise of the

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A new San Clemente Short Sale listing will be coming on the market in the next couple of days.  The property is going to be listed as a short sale and subject to the lenders approval of price and terms.  The four-plex is located in the heart of San Clemente with one three bedroom unit, two two bedrooms units and 1 one bedroom one bath unit.  Sam Smith specializes in San Clemente Short Sales and is a top San Clemente Short Sale Realtor who understands the nuances of selling short sale listings.  If you have been thinking about short selling your San Clemente home it's worth a free consultation with Sam Smith to see how much your home is worth and the steps involved in getting your home sold through the short sale system.  Short selling a home is a great